Are jars really outdated in this modern world of high tech skincare products?

Many formulations contain a high percentage of natural, sophisticated ingredients and it is crucial to protect the delicate active content to keep it potent and fresh. 

With advanced and innovative formulations the product is protected from oxidiation and contamination. 

Airless bottles are also known to dispense beauty products more effectivley. 

In our increasingly polluted world, you need to make sure that the packaging will enhance and protect the natural characteristics of its precious contents.

Having been involved in the skincare industry for more than 30 years, it has always been extremely important to me, (especially as I am spealised in Micro Trauma skin, and dealing with skin infections, acne, contact dermatitis, cold sores, rosacea, and other bacterial skin infections) to use airless pumps to minimise cross-contamination and keep the contents at its upmost potency. 

If your precious products comes in a jar, please avoid touching it with your hands. Touching your products, such as lip balms (which usually come in a jar) with your fingers is especially bad if you suffer from skin irritations and skin that's broken and infected. 


Use a skincare spatula to avoid touching the product with your hands

Airless pumps are always best. So if you can avoid jars, then opt for a pump product!