Claudia Fallah Skincare to be stocked in Forever Young Clinic, Marlow

I trained Shahla Saunders in 2005 in my clinic in Marylebone on my advanced cosmeceutical skincare.

How did Shahla find out about Claudia Fallah and why was she interested as a cosmetic theatre nurse?

Shahla Saunders is a qualified RGN (Registered Nurse) and has specialised in aesthetics and cosmetic surgery for over 25 years.

Shahla had a client who visited her aesthetic clinic on a regular base. This client suffered very badly with irritated, red acne scarring and on another visit to Shahla's Clinic she could not believe the difference in her clients skin appearance. Shahla asked her straight away what she had done because her skin looked so amazing.

I was fortunate enough that this client was sharing the best kept secret in London with her aesthetic nurse, which was me and my skincare products.

Shahla contacted me for training and ever since she has loved to co-operate my cosmeceuticals into her aesthetic clinic.

Shahla has quoted in one of our videos that the "cover rescue gets her out of trouble". When certain treatments may cause skin reactions on her patients. 

Since Claudia Fallah Cosmeceuticals has been developed for post clinical treatments, it's been appreciated by other aesthetic professionals to deliver fast results before the patient/client gets off the treatment couch and looks into the mirror to see their results after aesthetic treatments.

Now Shahla Saunders has opened her Forever Young clinic in the centre of Marlow and isn't just working behind the scenes with our prestige advanced cosmeceutical skincare range, but is now going to be presented onto the retail shelf.

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