How does herbal skin peeling work?

What is herbal peeling and how does it work?

Herbal skin peeling is a safe, highly effective and successful non-surgical method of deep facial peeling. Using nature’s own ingredients to gently remove the skin’s upper layer, it produces a new fresh and toned complexion in just 4 days.

Medically developed skin regeneration, herbal peeling contains micro particles which polish and remove the upper layer of the skin. Other active ingredients will penetrate deeper than the epidermis and continue the peeling process for up to 48 hours following application.

The stimulation of blood circulation, by the production of new cells and collagen fibers, induces the regeneration of the skin. The flow of blood to the skin is increased, resulting in the peeling of the upper-skin layers.

On your first visit, the herbs are massaged into your skin. The skin becomes red and a sunburn like sensation will be experienced.

But don’t worry; you will not have to walk home looking like this thanks to my Cover Rescue!

You will then go home and the following day the sunburn sensation will disappear, however you will look like you have been on holiday somewhere hot! 

During your time at home you will have 2 products to assist you during your peeling process which will help to calm and soothe your skin faster. 

Products to use with the Herbal skin peel treatment

You will get the Calming Herbal lotion and the Intensive Repair Crème.


You will not be able to use any other products during this process since any other product can cause a reaction with your treated skin.

On your second visit, which should take place on the 4th day, I will remove the dead skin and apply a rich active preparation onto your NEW skin.

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