How to be kind to your skin

  • The right treatment regimen

Your skin takes a beating from the sun and pollutants. Pollution can cause damage (read our recent article on pollution here).

To protect your skin from the environment, look for a good skin treatment regimen that consists of regular exfoliation, hydration, irritation reduction, and antioxidants. Good moisturisers help your skin absorb water and provide sunscreen protection.

Claudia Fallah tip: Make sure you be kind to your skin before bed time. Remove your make-up and cleansing your skin is very important to prevent any infections or re-absorption of bacteria. 
Avoid alcohol based toners! They usually contain an astringent, which can irritate your skin and hurts the skin's ability to repair itself. Always use an appropriate moisturiser/serum at night.


  • The right diet

The right diet isn't just about eating healthy foods—it's also about vitamin and mineral supplementation. Nutritional studies show how important the right foods and a daily supplement are for healthy skin. Inflammation speeds the formation of wrinkles and other signs of ageing. It is your body's natural response to troubled tissue. However, healthy eating can ensure that this normal process is not overly active.

Claudia Fallah tip: Beauty begins at the cellular level and magnesium is also called the lamp of life.

Magnesium slows down the ageing process in the skin because magnesium stabilises DNA and RNA, which are both negatively charged and are attracted to the positively charged magnesium. I was also taught that if a client is taking Zinc to make sure that they never take both at the same time. It is also best to take Zinc between 5pm and 7pm as your body absorbs Zinc best at these times. This goes only for Zinc, Vitamin E and Milk Thistle, so please don't take your other vitamin tablets late in the afternoon or evening otherwise you will be up all night.

Everything is good in moderation so please don't overdose on your supplements. 

It is also important to eat your greens since it balances your PH-levels of your blood, which also affects the entire health and balance of your skin. This combination has also shown very good results for people suffering from Psoriasis and Eczema.



  • The right habits

Your skin suffers from mechanical ageing even when you're not in the sun. Try not to squint, don't drink through straws, and keep your hands away from your face. Stay conscious of how often you frown, furrow your brow, or purse your lips. These repeated movements wear out the skin and cause lines and wrinkles. With a bit of effort you can eliminate habits that cause mechanical ageing and start better habits that preserve the suppleness of your skin.

Claudia Fallah tip: I would always recommend to wear sunglasses on a sunny bright day in order to avoid to squinting constantly.  When you remove your eye make up don't rub too hard since your eye area is very delicate and rubbing too vigorously can cause damage to your skin.

Another tip is not to over do your skincare regime like too much scrubbing and over washing since this can cause more breakouts, damage and sensitivity to your skin. 

DO NOT USE SOAP!! Soap has an alkaline PH and will strip your skin of its natural acidity leaving your skin vulnerable to bacteria and dehydrated. When you wash your face make sure the water is not too hot or too cold. Sudden temperature changes in the skin can permanently dilate capillaries.