Claudia Fallah’s signed gift box is being auctioned for Variety today!

The auction will be held today (Tuesday 12 May 2015) at PROPSLunch at The Hilton Park Lane and we hope our gift box beats it's rival price last year of £3500!

The charity is for a great cause as it is aimed at improving children's lives and for them to have an equal opportunity to reach their potential, regardless of their circumstances.

I have chosen Variety as a charity close to my heart as they were one of the first charities to be founded especially for children and young people.

I don't just donate once a year to make a difference to children's lives, I have done this on a daily basis for the past 4 years as I have taken two children (aged 7 & 8) into my life, full time to improve their quality of life, by supporting and giving them the right tools, stability and self esteem, in the hope that this will help give them the best possible chances for their lives and futures. 

We are a great team and they have made me proud!

We are keeping our fingers crossed for the auction and will keep you posted on how it goes!

Claudia x

Claudia Fallah signing the special gift set, ready for the auction!