The wonders of Cover Rescue. Don’t let your skin problem ruin your wedding day!

Organising your wedding day can be extremely stressful. All the things you have to organise and and all the choices and decisions to make, can lead you on a road to exhaustion. The last thing you need is something to go wrong just before or even on your big day.

What if things don't go to plan? What happens if your beauty treatment goes wrong? 

Maybe you have developed a skin reaction or a nasty cold sore?

Or worse if your upper lip wax doesn't just take the unwanted hair off, it also takes the skin off too. Nobody wants to look like they have a red moustache in their wedding pictures! Don't laugh, it happens!

Having worked for almost 30 years in the skin care industry, I have heard many horror stories that even happen in the best of places. 

From skin peelings going wrong to severe burns due to negligence, and even inexperienced therapists. 

I have heard a story where the client was having a facial and the steamer had been put near her face, the therapist then left the room and the steamer started spitting boiling hot water all over the client's face. 
I seriously think this is a bride-to-be's worse nightmare and this was a true story that happened in one of Central London's top department stores in one of their beauty rooms.

Do you still have enough time to fix your skin issue before you say "I do"?

This is where the wonders of Cover Rescue come to save the situation and of course your skin too.

Cover Rescue is a highly concentrated rescue skin creme that uses natural ingredients to speed recovery of the skin due to trauma, allergic reactions, burns and even insect bites without using cortisones, steroids or antibiotic creams.

One of my clients has said to me "Every woman should carry a Cover Rescue creme in their handbag. It's as important as your lipstick".

Cover Rescue protects the skin during the healing process and it soothes, cools and calms the skin whilst helping to accelerate the healing process and encourage new cell growth, speeding up the return of the skin to its normal condition. 

My professional advice for all brides to be would be - "Don't leave your beauty treatments to the last minute, give your skin time to settle and recover at least 10 days prior to your wedding day. If you notice your skin becoming inflamed and reactive due to stress, use Cover Rescue to calm and soothe."

Cover Rescue is the perfect 'go to' product for every bride to be. 

Claudia x

The wonders of Cover Rescue: Before & After applying the Cover Rescue Creme


Enjoy your wedding day! 

Cover Rescue feedback from our clients 

Dr Richard Kaul, Medical Director, Regency Cosmetic Surgery, Harley Street, London

"Claudia Fallah's Cover Rescue has been one of the best received cosmetic products that my patients have used. The rescue creme remarkably improves the overall appearance of the skin and accelerates the healing process, especially after face lifts. We routinely give it to all our surgical patients and their response has been phenomenal. The product has been thoughtfully designed with the aim of optimising conditions for post operative skin recovery. When used to treat and remove blemishes it does so with remarkable speed and efficiency. I cannot speak too highly of the Cover Rescue and will continue to use it regularly in my practice".