The night shift – restore your skin while you sleep

As soon as you shut your eyes, your skin cells go to work, repairing damage and restoring your complexion. In this article, Claudia Fallah explains what happens to your skin while you sleep and how you can bring it back to optimum balance so that you wake up with a glow…

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Spring clean your skincare routine

With the constantly changing weather and up and down temperatures, March hasn’t exactly been doing a great job of ushering in spring. Be assured, however, that warmer days are coming—and with them, a lighter skincare routine.

It’s also the perfect time to edit your existing collection. With the changing seasons, your skincare routine is likely to be a little different and your go-to beauty look could probably use a tweak as well.

With that in mind, here are 5 things you should be doing to prepare for spring!

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Why are you breaking out?

Understanding the most common factors that may be causing your breakouts is the first and most critical step to targeting your acne.

Based on my 30 years of experience in skincare, here are the top 5 most common causes of acne breakouts....

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The importance of exfoliating

We all know that proper cleansing; moisturising, and applying daily SPF is the key to a healthy, glowing complexion. But how necessary is it to add exfoliating to our regular skincare lineup? 

Exfoliating removes cells from the surface layer of our skin by speeding up the cycle that our body naturally sheds these cells to give our complexion an instant but temporary glow.

In this article, Claudia Fallah shares her tips on why exfoliating is so important.

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Dealing with acne at any age

Acne does not discriminate when it comes to age. Though pimples are associated with the awkward teenage years, breakouts can occur in children under 10, previously blemish-free twentysomethings, expectant mothers, women approaching menopause and stressed-out adults of any age.

No matter how old you are, pimples, whiteheads and blackheads occur when sebum (oil) and dead skin cells plug the hair follicles, allowing bacteria to grow. But whether you're a despairing teenager or a grown-up with their first blemish, there are ways to stop this process in its tracks -- and prevent it from recurring. In this article, Claudia Fallah shares how!

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