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Don't place your products on your bathroom window as pretty as they  may look right in front of the window, here is why - 

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5 issues that alcohol does to your skin

Alcohol is disastrous for your skin health and affects your appearance. Alcohol is actually one of the worst most aggressive compounds to destroy your skin. Of course it takes more than a couple of Prosecco's to cause long term issues, consistent boozing will give you long-term side effects.

In this article, Claudia explains the main skin reactions to alcohol and what you can do.​​

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My time at The Body Retreat

I am very grateful to have taken time out of my very busy schedule, where I usually have no time to myself as I am running my own company. Choosing The Body Retreat was the best decision I could have chosen, to start making changes and put myself first me first. I now realise how important it is to take time to recharge my batteries and get back into my fitness regime.

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Claudia Fallah’s Bio-Dynamic approach to Cosmeceuticals

“There are People who believe in biodiversity instead of monoculture. Formulators who create natural, regenerative & healing products, without depending on chemicals. People who go beyond organic. People like me who do things the old way because they’ve already seen the new way and said, ‘No, thank you’.” – Claudia Fallah

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Skin and the city

If you want healthy, glowing skin, the best place is to start with a healthy lifestyle and an excellent skincare routine. Nutritious food, plenty of water, regular exercise and adequate sleep are the building blocks for healthy skin. However, there is one thing that is often overlooked in skincare that might be affecting the health of your skin – pollution. 

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