Why is my skin so sensitive?

Research has shown that fair skinned people tend to develop sensitive skin more often than people with darker skin complexions, even though my 30 years of experience and facts as a skin care specialist has proven that all my clients with a darker skin complexion are extremely sensitive and prone to scar tissue.

In this article we explore the main causes of sensitive skin and the factors to bear in mind when treating your overly sensitive skin...

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Women who made it themselves

This is an interview that I did with Good Health magazine a number of years ago. I love to read this back every now and then because I still believe it’s as relevant for women today as it was then. Do what you love, and do it with passion. This is my success story…

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The wonders of Cover Rescue. Don’t let your skin problem ruin your wedding day!

Planning for your perfect day?

Don't let your skin care worries ruin your big day. We have the perfect skin care weapon for any damsel in distress...Cover Rescue! Here is why...

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Claudia’s Passion

What is your passion in life? What lights your fire and your desire every morning when you wake up?

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Claudia Fallah’s signed gift box is being auctioned for Variety today!

Variety, the Children's Charity will be auctioning a signed copy of Claudia Fallah's gift box today (the second signed in the world by Claudia herself)!

Last years gift box was sold for £3500! 

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