Claudia Fallah’s signed gift box is being auctioned for Variety today!

Variety, the Children's Charity will be auctioning a signed copy of Claudia Fallah's gift box today (the second signed in the world by Claudia herself)!

Last years gift box was sold for £3500! 

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Are jars really outdated in this modern world of high tech skincare products?

Innovations in skincare have led to formulations that can dramatically improve your skin, making it look less wrinkled, younger, healthier and glowing. Claudia Fallah's products contain many skin repairing ingredients that are both natural and can dramatically improve your skins appearance and texture. Whether you suffer from dry skin, acne or require treatment due to a skin trauma caused by surgery - there is one thing you will notice with Claudia's products: they never come in a jar. 

In this article Claudia shares her reasons as to why jars and skincare products don't mix well together. 

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