A review of Claudia Fallah’s Herbapeel Facial

Verna admits that she was apprehensive about having a facial peel, until she heard about the Herbapeel technique, developed by skincare specialist Claudia Fallah. This unique, deep peel treatment gives you a fresh, toned complexion in just four days, and uses 100 per cent natural products.

‘Claudia didn’t beat about the bush, and told me straight away that my dark spots wouldn’t totally disappear because they weren’t surface pigmentation, but caused by spots I had suffered ages ago,’ said Verna.

‘Claudia Fallah is a skin care specialist, and runs a beauty salon in the West End. She puts you completely at ease with no questions being frowned on, so a consultation can last anything from twenty, to forty minutes, as she explains every stage of the Herbapeel treatment thoroughly.

‘Initially I thought, ‘why is she explaining everything in such detail, aren’t I going to have my treatment today’? How wrong could I have been, because every feeling and sensation she explained was exactly how it happened.

‘After the consultation I had my first treatment, and by then I felt totally relaxed as I knew exactly what to expect. When I left the salon she gave me Calming Herbal Lotion and an Intensive Repair Creme to use instead of my usual creams, and I was off home.’

Calming Lotion

‘Later on that day my face began to tingle. In fact, it was so sensitive that I could hardly bear to touch it, and it was so tight and painful.

However, I wasn’t worried, as Claudia had explained that this would happen. She had also told me that over the next three days I must not put any water (not even sweat from exercising) on my face, and that I must only use the products she had given me, which are designed specifically to calm my skin and assist the heeling process.

‘The HerbaPeel face peel contains micro particles, which polish and remove the top layers of the skin. For three days after my treatment my skin peeled, which was a little like having sunburn, and it was very tempting to just pull the skin off, but I had been told not to touch it. On the fourth day I returned to the clinic where Claudia steamed and cleansed my skin to remove the last of the dead skin.’

Herbaeel penetrates the skin’s epidermis (the thin layer of dead skin cells) enabling the peeling process to continue for up to five days following a single application.

‘Sadly, my dark spots didn’t miraculously disappear’ says Verna.

‘However, they are much less visible than before. My skin has also been left feeling totally refreshed, and has an obvious glow to it now.

‘Claudia advised me that the deep marks on my face need several more treatments to completely remove them’.

What is Herbapeel?

Herbapeel contains micro particles, which polish and remove the upper layers of the skin. It is the polishing action of the particles that causes skin to feel very tender after a treatment. The natural active ingredients penetrate deeper than the epidermis, and continue the peeling process for up to 48 hours following a single application. The stimulation of the blood circulation by the production of new cells and collagen fibres includes the regeneration of the skin. The flow of blood to the skin is increased resulting in the peeling off of the upper-skin layers. The treatment suits people with acne scars eczema or minor sun damage.

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