Antonia Smallbone

Antonia Smallbone - Professional Model & The face of Claudia Fallah Skincare

‘As a professional model, having skin confidence is essential. For many years I suffered from acne and frequently had breakouts, which inflamed my skin and left angry scars on my face.

Despite seeking medical advice and trying an extensive range of cream, antibiotic and expensive treatments, my skin was becoming increasingly sensitive, leaving me feeling anxious and with low self-esteem. Nothing worked until I met Claudia Fallah. With her extensive experience and knowledge, she offered me expert advice, treatments and products. Claudia has transformed my skin – which is now clear, smooth and silky.

I now feel totally confident without makeup – something that never would happen – now I am always receiving compliments on my skin. I cannot recommend Claudia or her brand highly enough… thanks to her, my skin continues to look and feel its best’