Betina Tomic

Betina Tomic - Head of German Speaking Europe

My skin is unfortunately both; sensitive and prone to blemishes in the T zone area. With Claudia’s products I finally found a face care that I can use permanently. So far, most high-end brands have shown little COMPATIBILITY unfortunately after some time with my skin.

I always had to change after a few months, since various irritations arose, and some brands I can’t use at all.

Claudia’s Energizing Serum, works great for my skin type. The skin is hydrated, shiny and calm.

The Hydrating Mask gives immediate freshness and soothes irritated skin quickly without becoming greasy or clogging pores.

The eye care is easy and caring and a treat for everyone.

Claudia’s vision of quality and care for the skin completely shines through in her products.