Claudia Fallah Bespoke Facials

Acne prone skin

Claudia comment:

Most of my clients who come to me with acne prone skin are very desperate for help. They have tried everything and spent a lot of money on the wrong products and nothing seems to make any difference what so ever.

Most of my clients suffer from cystic acne, a skin infection that goes deeper into your skin. Once a cyst bursts, infection spreads and if it's not treated correctly by a professional medical aesthetician it can linger for years.

Acne Treatment: I treat the skin with ozone therapy which is a powerful treatment option for acne with remarkable healing potential and Biotherapy laser in order to avoid oral antibiotics. All my clients will notice visible results and improvement the next day. 

If there has been any scar tissue or discolouration once the acne has cleared we can carry out a natural skin peel or Derma Roller treatment. I like fast results and I am aware of the very busy lifestyle of my clientele and there is no need to carry out treatments that drag’s  on forever. The good thing for my clients are, that they some times only need to visit me once to get the desired results they are after. 

For home use I recommend for cystic acne: Azulene Foam Facial Wash, Calming Herbal Lotion, Ozone Gel, Cover Rescue.

Dry Skin

Claudia comment 

Suffering with dry skin it's important to advice the client to drink more water to hydrate from the inside which is always the first and cheapest option to help with dry skin.

Treatment:  Mini Herbapeel Light to make the skin 65% more available to absorb nourishing  nutrients that will be pushed into the epidermis via Galvanic to rejuvenate and nourish the skin.  

For home use I recommend: Azulene Foam Facial Wash to hydrate the skin, Energizing Beauty Fluid as a boost, Intensive Repair Cream, Gentle Creme Exfoliant.

Skin prone to rosacea 

Claudia comment:

Less is more with Rosacea! 

Treatment: Biotherapy laser therapy to reduce pain and redness 

For home use: Azulene Foam Facial Wash, Calming Herbal Lotion, Energizing Beauty Fluid or Intensive Repair Cream it depends how bad the rosacea is, and of course Cover Rescue Creme.

Ageing Skin 

Claudia comment: Ageing skin gets it all! A combination treatment of Mini Peeling, Galvanic and Biotherapy Laser to restore and rejuvenate mature skin to reduce present wrinkles by tightening and clarifying the skin to benefit younger fresher looking skin by promoting cellular health and new collagen production by activating the cell renewal.

For home use: Azulene Foam Facial wash, Ultra Pro-Tech Daily moisturiser, Gentle Exfoliant Creme, Energizing Beauty Fluid or Intensive Repair Cream for the night.