Does your dog have skin concerns… and you have no clue what to do? Claudia Fallah can help!

Why does Claudia think MD-10 is the best?

It's a super hydrating shampoo for short coats, nourishing for the skin and it smells delicious. (It actually has the same smell as the hair products called Moroccan oil, if you have ever experienced them on your hair). Never ever use human shampoo on your dog! Or visa-versa, as dog shampoo needs to be 7.5 on the PH level and human products should be 5.5 PH, which if used on a dog would promote skin problems and irritation.

In all my articles I always preach “Do Not Use Soap” since soap remove’s necessary skin oils and can leave irritating and drying residue as it dries out your skin and the same goes for your dog.

I love coconut cleanser’s as they are hydrating, excellent for cleansing without drying out the skin or coat.

The MD-10 shampoo prevents your dogs skin from becoming too dry, therefore is suitable for dogs with very short coat’s or hairless dogs. It may be able to help with dry and flaky skin too, but I believe raw organic coconut oil will help to moisturise dry and flaky skin and reduces allergic reaction and improves skin health.

The normal PH level of humans skin is PG 5.5 which is more acidic than your dogs more alkaline PH 7.5. This shampoo has been developed with a PH level of 7.5 which is important for your dog's skin in order not to get any skin reactions, hair loss or even fungal growths!

Please note you do need to dilute this shampoo with warm water before you put your dog into the shower and the instructions are on the bottle for further information.

Never ever apply the shampoo without diluting before applying onto the coat. Also I find after using this shampoo the white coat looks whiter and the black looks much more intensely black and more shiny.


After the whole spa experience I towel dry my dog. Then to finish the regime I use a small amount of raw organic coconut oil rubbed in to their coats as it has so many other benefits for your dogs skin.

It can clear up skin conditions such as eczema, flea allergies, contact dermatitis and itchy skin. It also makes their coats sleek, glossy and gets rid of doggy odour.  It also disinfects cuts and promotes wound healing and helps with bites and stings. It is a natural deterrent against fleas, ticks and mites.

Finally if it's in the winter time, I make a cosy blanket and a hot water bottle (not too hot and covered so your dog does not get burnt) ready after the bath and of course a treat or two.

Of course the right diet is very important to promote a healthy skin and coat!

I must say this is my first time writing about dog's skin but it all makes sense and I have enjoyed writing about a different subject but it's still in my field of skin concerns and conditions.

Claudia x