Juls Abernethy

Juls Abernethy - The Body Retreat

So let me start by saying that I am a toning devote.  I have always loved that part of my daily face care ritual, but never before have I had a toning product that did more that just tone.  I am in my mid forties now and I find that my skin can dry out quite quickly and many toners exacerbate that tight feeling, but as soon as I tried Calming Herbal Lotion it was different, it's softer on the skin and leaves the skin feeling feeling dewy.  

Claudia had mentioned that the product was great for flying and it just so happened that the following week I was off to Spain, so rather than pack the toner in my suitcase I took it in hand luggage.  During the flight I gave my face a couple of sprtizes over my make up...no tight, dry, dehydrated post flight skin for me!!  

For me the biggest advantage of the Calming Herbal Lotion came while I was in Spain, I developed prickly heat around my neck..it was very unsightly and of course it's hard to cover up when it's 30 degrees outdoors.  I spritzed my face and neck several times throughout the day with the toning lotion and the redness and heat just went away...literally through the course of the day it went. It was a god send!  I'm totally converted to Calming Herbal Lotion now... its much more than a toner, its pretty much a handbag essential.