Nicola Fisher

Nicola Fisher - Creative Director at The Creative Haus

I’m not someone who usually reviews or leaves testimonials for products, I just use it and if I like it I buy it again… but I absolutely had to give a review on Claudia Fallah's Energizing Beauty Fluid!

A little background on my skin: middle aged, extremely sensitive, dries and flakes easily, but very oily too! Very allergic to a lot of products - even ones that are so-called pure and hypoallergenic. It has to put up with a lot of all weather outdoor activities as well as being in London with all the pollution.
I have been using the serum for over 3 weeks now and it is just phenomenal, my skin is more even with no red patches, no flakey areas, and is calmer and happier. Makeup goes over the top beautifully and it really holds in place. I have continued with my usual cleansing routine, and although Claudia said I could use a moisturiser I have found no need to. I use it morning and night. 

The fluid glides on (one small pump is enough for my whole face) and soaks straight in, it’s not heavy around the eyes, and doesn’t leave a sheen or anything on my skin, it just leaves it soft and smooth. The bottle looks beautiful and it’s great to see the product as I can make sure to order more when it is running low.
And the best bit? I have been told on several occasions in the last couple of weeks by unrelated people that no way am I the age I am, and I must be lying!!
Just love it, and now can’t live with out it.