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Claudia Fallah’s Bio-Dynamic Approach to Cosmeceuticals

“There are People who believe in biodiversity instead of monoculture. Formulators who create natural, regenerative & healing products without depending on chemicals. People who go beyond organic. People like me who do things the old way because they have already seen the new way and said, ‘No, thank you’.” – Claudia Fallah

In our skin care range, we have introduced the principles and philosophies that guide bio-dynamic farming, a system outlined by Dr. Rudolf Steiner. Then applied it to skin care as the Bio-dynamic farmers would to their land.

Bio-dynamics is much more than a method, it is a belief system — a holistic way of seeing and understanding the natural world. This perspective challenges input intensive industrial production and, instead, focuses on regenerative practices.

As one practitioner reflects, “It is harnessing the solutions that already exist in nature.”

‘I am not merely a skin care producers, I like to think of myself as a stewards of my clients skin, responsible for balancing science and intuition. Our skin is a living organism that requires tending, providing protection for the body. In doing so, I try to bring about maximum expression of your skins outward appearance and balance.’

Claudia Fallah is not a cosmetics giant and her cosmeceuticals are the tools to let you steward your skin, returning it to its natural optimum balance.

Claudia Fallah aims to help you apply a diligent set of practices to your regime, this in turn will reward you with the best skin balance and radiance you can achieve.

Using a bio-dynamic approach to achieve this by adapting her skin care to the guidelines as observed by Dr. Rudolf Steiner.

A fundamental principle of bio-dynamics is the building and maintenance of vitality. As a practitioner in Illinois explains, building bio-dynamic system is a critical element to bringing “aliveness” to the system.

This requires us to understand that it takes approximately 28 days for skin to react to any regime change which is the natural cycle of cell renewal.

As a bio-dynamic specialist reminds us, ‘bio-dynamics is beyond organic, it’s a service to the Earth and to humanity’.

If you think about different ways you can nurture an intricate bio-dynamic system, such as your skin, then you will begin to understand how to get the best from your largest organ, by using Claudia Fallah’s cosmeceutical range, also remembering to drink enough water to help hydrate your system will help to get the best out of any regime.