Yolande De Vries

Yolande De Vries

Thank you for saving my skin! I have been using Claudia Fallah's "Energising Beauty Fluid" and the "Azulene Foam Gel" wash for the last 4 months and my skin is looking and feeling incredible. The Foam Gel is gentle and smells incredible, leaving my skin feeling clean but not stripped; and where most moisturisers leave your skin with a greasy film, the Beauty Fluid makes my skin soft and moisturised without any residues. I can highly recommend the products I have used, and as my needs change I look forward to using other products from the full skincare range.

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Julia Sondack

Julia Sondack

My skin was looking a little dull and grey. Under the surface on my cheek bones I had tiny pin prick spots which were bothering me. I had a consultation and facial treatment with Claudia and purchased 2 of her products. The results were marvellous and my skin is now back to it's glowing norm. #highlyrecommend

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Rachel McGuinness

Rachel McGuinness

I just want to give my friend Claudia Fallah a BIG shout out who has the most amazing skin care products for sensitive skin.

I had an eczema flare up last week and used her products for the first time and the redness had calmed down within hours.

Normally it’s taken me months to get my skin looking good again!

You can order her products from Amazon or directly from her website.

She IS the emergency service for your skin!

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Antonia Smallbone

Antonia Smallbone - Model & Tennis Player 

I've been using Claudia's skincare for many years now. I cannot say how appreciative I am for Claudia's products, philosophy and honesty. I've always had a difficult relationship with my skin. As a young model I was very conscious of my acne and often had breakouts which left angry scars. My confidence deteriorated as I tried so many different products and wasted so much money on products that didn't work. When I found out about Claudia and started seeing her for treatments and using her products I couldn't believe my luck. I finally hit the jackpot - a company who had my best interests at heart! I've found my perfect routine and my skin has never looked better! Even when my acne calmed down after using Claudia's products, the scars left behind were constant reminders. Acne scars are almost impossible to get rid of but Claudia saw me for her Herbapeel treatment and they have practically disappeared! I now feel confident going out without makeup, something I never thought I would be able to do as a teen, and somehow I still manage to get compliments on my skin. Even playing tennis and training regularly meant my pores would get clogged and my skin breakout, but after washing and cleansing my face with Claudia's Azulene Foam Gel and Calming Herbal Lotion, I apply the Cover Rescue to the sensitive area and like magic it the irritation vanishes! Claudia's Cover Rescue and Intensive Repair Creme are my go to products!  I have the skin I used to envy and all because of Claudia's products! I can honestly say my life would not be the same had I not found Claudia. 

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Theo Wozniak-Kay

Theo Wozniak-Kay - Age 14

All previous facial washes have left my skin feeling dry and were sticky when I used them to wash my face. Claudia Fallah's Azulene Foam Gel Active facial wash is gentle, refreshing, light and effective. My skin feels soft and clean. As a teenager with spot prone skin it's difficult to find a product that doesn't cause breakouts or dryness. This product does neither and is kind to my skin.


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