Antonia Smallbone

Antonia Smallbone - Professional Model & The face of Claudia Fallah Skincare

‘As a professional model, having skin confidence is essential. For many years I suffered from acne and frequently had breakouts, which inflamed my skin and left angry scars on my face.

Despite seeking medical advice and trying an extensive range of cream, antibiotic and expensive treatments, my skin was becoming increasingly sensitive, leaving me feeling anxious and with low self-esteem. Nothing worked until I met Claudia Fallah. With her extensive experience and knowledge, she offered me expert advice, treatments and products. Claudia has transformed my skin – which is now clear, smooth and silky.

I now feel totally confident without makeup – something that never would happen – now I am always receiving compliments on my skin. I cannot recommend Claudia or her brand highly enough… thanks to her, my skin continues to look and feel its best’  

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Juls Abernethy

Juls Abernethy - The Body Retreat

So let me start by saying that I am a toning devote.  I have always loved that part of my daily face care ritual, but never before have I had a toning product that did more that just tone.  I am in my mid forties now and I find that my skin can dry out quite quickly and many toners exacerbate that tight feeling, but as soon as I tried Calming Herbal Lotion it was different, it's softer on the skin and leaves the skin feeling feeling dewy. 

Claudia had mentioned that the product was great for flying and it just so happened that the following week I was off to Spain, so rather than pack the toner in my suitcase I took it in hand luggage.  During the flight I gave my face a couple of sprtizes over my make up...no tight, dry, dehydrated post flight skin for me!! 

For me the biggest advantage of the Calming Herbal Lotion came while I was in Spain, I developed prickly heat around my neck..it was very unsightly and of course it's hard to cover up when it's 30 degrees outdoors.  I spritzed my face and neck several times throughout the day with the toning lotion and the redness and heat just went away...literally through the course of the day it went. It was a god send!  I'm totally converted to Calming Herbal Lotion now... its much more than a toner, its pretty much a handbag essential.

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Charlotte Clarke

Charlotte Clarke: Lifestyle and Beauty Blogger - www.thelondonblog.co

I was super excited for a facial by Claudia Fallah, a clinical skin care therapist who specialises in skin trauma.
After an exhilarating 2 hour facial including lasers, electric shocks, deep extraction and even a herbal peel, my skin was left feeling pure, bright and clear.
After assessing my skin Claudia suggested three products to take home to follow my treatment and to maintain my glowing skin. She explained each of the products in her range have been carefully designed and formulated for use not only in the clinic or for pre and post surgery, but for day-to-day use, which was music to my ears. 

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Betina Tomic

Betina Tomic - Head of German Speaking Europe

My skin is unfortunately both; sensitive and prone to blemishes in the T zone area. With Claudia’s products I finally found a face care that I can use permanently. So far, most high-end brands have shown little COMPATIBILITY unfortunately after some time with my skin.

I always had to change after a few months, since various irritations arose, and some brands I can’t use at all.

Claudia’s Energizing Serum, works great for my skin type. The skin is hydrated, shiny and calm.

The Hydrating Mask gives immediate freshness and soothes irritated skin quickly without becoming greasy or clogging pores.

The eye care is easy and caring and a treat for everyone.

Claudia’s vision of quality and care for the skin completely shines through in her products.

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Charlotte Sonnex

Charlotte Sonnex - 11 years old 

Cover Rescue is a really great product and when I get scratched or bitten by those pesky mosquitos I just go and get the amazing Cover Rescue and within 5-10 minutes I have forgotten about it, and the next day it has totally disappeared. It's exactly like magic, absolutely amazing. Also anyone that has not tried Cover Rescue I strongly recommend it to you.

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